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Burn Fat, HCG Diet, HCG Protocol

Automatically burn fat without exercise.

The simplest formula for losing excess weight is to burn more energy than you consume.

The corollary of this formula is that a lot of exercise is required to burn that energy.

How many people love slogging it out at the gym?

There is an alternative to exercise.

It is not meditation, or electronic body girators, or magical crystals.

It is a naturally-occurring and completely safe hormone which resets the way our body stores and manages excess fat.  When this hormone is combined with a low calary diet, you can lose an average of 1 pound of excess fat per day.  Below is my own record of weight loss:

weight loss

The increase at the beginning of the graph correlates with the first 2 days of the diet, where you are required to eat as much sweet, starchy food as possible (think donuts).  This is to set up the rest of the fat burning phases.

I lost 22 pounds (10kgs) in 22 days, just as was expected.

If you go on a low calory diet without taking this hormone, the body will consume muscle and structural fat (necessary for a healthy body) before it consumes excess fat.  This is a feature of how our earliest hunter gatherer ancestors evolved, as excess fat in those times was a precious form of energy to be banked away for lean times, when we had no supermarkets to shop from.

Unfortunately this means getting rid of excess fat is not easy.

However, the naturally occuring hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is able to reset the way the body manages excess fat, making excess fat a priority to be burnt for daily energy needs.  When you are on a low calory diet, the body will burn excess fat to the effect of losing 1 pound of excess fat per day.  The diet can last from 20 to 40 days, and can be extended indefinitely in order to lose as much excess weight as you need.

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